Sunday, April 29, 2007

FIG Meeting: Felting & Potluck

The meeting was held at the home of one of our master felters. Before eating, we were encouraged to make some felted flowers. To do this, we wrapped carded wool around a stone, dipped in it water to wet the wool, coated our hands with a layer of bar soap and then rolled the covered stone between them, building up heat and friction, to felt the wool. The stone was then removed from the felted wool and more wool was felted over twist ties for leaves. I was surprised by how little time this process took. Of course, there were a lot of fussy adjustments to make to refine our creations.

It was a beautiful, war, sunny and breezy day so the meeting was held outside under a canopy of vintage fabrics.

Lisa holds her in-progress crocheted afghan made of her natural hand-dyed wool, a colorful grouping of which is in the basket at her feet.

Mary, our hostess, holds her needle-felted penguin. This is a dry process as opposed to the wet one we were using to make our felted flowers.

Jan spread her latest quilt, a memorial to the loss of a dear friend to cancer, out on the pavement.

Grace modeled her impeccably tailored leather jacket. She is holding the dress that completes the outfit.

The meeting ended with a sharing of buttons and wood type.